Christmas Decorations Project Christmas Tree Frames Powder Coated

Due to the salt environment, the Town's Christmas decorations i.e. streetlights, nativity scene have corroded and need attention.  The lights need to be removed, frames sandblasted and painted and restrung with new wire and lights. 

Then through Department wide cooperation,...

Sea Turtle Protection Project

In 2018, the Town began implementing steps to protect sea turtles.  Phase I has been implemented and 6 turtle friendly lights were installed at locations that ranked highest for hatching misorientations.  Although the new street lights were changed to provide more protection to sea...

Jungle Shores Bike Path Jungle Shores Bike Path 700 Block

Investigate how to correct flooding and silting of the bike path in the 600-700 block of Jungle Shores Road.

Smoke Test of Sewer System (Lift Station A and B)

Conduct a smoke test to identify any leaks in the sewer system around Lift Station A and B.

Shelves Town Hall

Build and install shelves in the Building Department at Town Hall.

Road Repairs-Dolphin, Fort, Jungle Shores, Point Dolphin Street Flooding Picture April 2020

Many Town unpaved roads are in need of additional road material to mitigate persistent flooding.  This may consist of additional shell sand, slag or 57 stone.  

Project Lifesaver Project Lifesaver

The Police Department has implemented a new, exciting program called Project Lifesaver.  Project Lifesaver provides public safety agencies with equipment and training to locate and rescue individuals who are prone to the life-threatening behavior of wandering.  The primary mission of...

Dune Stabilization-Plantings Sea Oats-Picture by James Lee

The Town has contracted with Earthbalance to install 5,000 sea oats along the top of the dune that was recently installed.  Coastal Science and Engineering donated another 550 plants. 

Town staff will be cordoning off the planted sections and installing "Keep off the dune"...

Fire Hydrant Refurbishment Striped and primed hydrant

The Edisto Beach Fire Department is refurbishing 12 fire hydrants this year.  The process includes removing the old paint and rust from the hydrants using a variety of mechanical tools, followed by replacing any needed hardware, such as rusty bolts.  Next, the hydrants are painted with...