Beach Access and Parking

The Town of Edisto Beach has 37 public beach accesses located at each intersection on Palmetto Boulevard providing access to the Atlantic Ocean.  Some provide off-street parking and dune walkovers.  Others are works in progress.  No overnight parking is allowed at the beach accesses.  Parking is allowed at beach accesses from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and is enforced by the Police Department.

Most beach accesses cross over a dune feature.  Folks with accessibility issues should use Lybrand, Mitchell, Baynard and Edings.  Beach mats have been provided at Beach Access 1, 9, 20 and 28 to help with crossing over the dune.    

Beach sampling data and beach advisories from the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Want to adopt a beach access?  Contact the staff at Town Hall for details.

Beach Access List

2004 Clemson Beach Access Study