Beach Rules and Regulations

It is unlawful to: 

  • Chum for fishing any part of the beach
  • Leave or throw litter or waste on the beach
  • Have glass containers, jars or bottles on the beach
  • Have a jet ski or motorized watercraft on the beach
  • Drive or operate a motorized vehicle on the beach
  • Block beach accesses by erecting tents, umbrellas, canvas awnings
  • Erect tents, umbrellas, canvas awnings on the beach from sunset to sunrise.  Property left on the beach becomes the property of the Town of Edisto Beach.
  • Camp on the beach
  • Build or maintain any fire or propane device on the beach, beach accesses or street end adjacent to the beach accesses
  • Dig holes greater than 12 inches in depth, without filling it back in.
  • Damage, walk upon, vandalize, place objects or items upon, remove, or in any other manner disrupt or disturb vegetation and fencing located on the beach, beach accesses or street ends adjacent to the beach

RVs and campers are not allowed to hook-up within the Town limits

Overnight parking or camping at beach accesses, Town parks and streets is prohibited

No motorized boats are permitted on the sandy beach

No boat or watercraft can be launched over the grassy areas of the dunes

Dogs must be on a leash on the beach from May 1 through Oct 31

Pet owners must pick up after their pets

No light is allowed to illuminate the beach from May 1 through October 31 for the protection of Loggerhead Sea Turtles