The Town of Edisto Beach was incorporated on December 7, 1970.

Edisto Beach operates as a Council Form of government. This type of government is considered government by committee because the council exercises all legislative functions.  Council establishes policy in all matters concerning the operation of the town's affairs. Administrative duties have been delegated by ordinance to an administrator to carry out established policy and direct the administration of all departments, offices and agencies of the town. 

The council is composed of a mayor and four council members.  Each member is required to be a qualified elector, or one who has resided in the municipality for thirty (30) days prior to the election and who is eligible to vote.  Terms are four years with no term limits.  The at-large elections are non-partisan.  

The mayor has no powers or responsibilities beyond other council members, except to preside over council meetings and call special meetings. A mayor pro tem is elected by council in the first regular meeting in January after a general election and serves a two-year term.  

Council meets the 2nd Thursday of the month and meetings are governed by Robert's Rules of Order.  The town attorney acts as parliamentarian.

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