Emergency Preparedness

Get the latest news regarding Edisto Beach and Colleton County emergency status 24/7 and review the County and State plans. 

When living on or visiting a coastal barrier island, it is important all residents and visitors remain prepared for potential emergency situations that may require evacuation including:

Hurricanes:  Hurricane season runs from June 1st - November 30th

Earthquakes, Tsunamis, Floods (from other storm events), Fire

Charleston Emergency Alert System Stations

WIWF 104.1 FM

WLFF 106.5 FM

The following tools and links have been provided to help residents and visitors to start making emergency plans.

Hurricane Preparedness Presentation 

Bridge Procedures During High Winds

 Links & Resources

Evacuation Routes

Hurricane Guide (Español)

Federal Emergency Management Agency - FEMA

National Hurricane Center

Situation Reports and News Releases-SC Emergency Management Division

Traffic Cameras-Department of Transportation

Traffic Information-Department of Public Safety/Traffic

National Weather Service

American Red Cross

SC Educational TV and Radio

Animal Emergencies

Lowcountry Region Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan

The American Red Cross Safe and Well Web site is a free, easy to use tool that can be incorporated into any family's disaster communications plan.  During a disaster, phone lines and other forms of communications methods can fail.  If you are affected by a disaster, a quick registration on Safe and Well can help provide peace of mind to many of your family and friends at once.  The site is always available and during large disasters, the Red Cross helps people register on the site and promotes it the national media.  People who search the site see only the registrant's name, the time at which the registration was completed, and the standard messages the registration chose to share.