Licensing Laws for Contractors:

The general Statutes require that certain kinds of work be performed only by licensed individuals; check with the building department to ensure that you are in compliance with state law on contracting for general contractors, electrical/HVAC contractors, and plumbing contractors.

In addition, different classes (residential and commercial) and limitations (limited, intermediate, and unlimited) of licenses are required, based on the type and the cost of construction. A Town business license is required of all contractors.

If you are a licensed general, plumbing, or electrical contractor, you may not subcontract the work to unlicensed individuals. Employees of licensed contractors may actually do the work, so long as they are under the responsible supervision of the licensed individual and are actually on his payroll; it is illegal to use a license to permit an unlicensed individual to obtain a building permit, or to perform work which requires a license class higher than your own, or to falsify information about the cost of a job in order to avoid the intent of this law.


Business Licenses

A business license is required for most businesses in the town including rental properties ( both short and long term). License fees vary according to the type of business. State Law requires that business licenses be based on gross receipts. Business Licenses Chapter 18

For more information, please see our business classifications and rate schedule pages. Please note that if your business is not located within the 29438 zip code you are considered a non-resident and business license fees are doubled.

You may download a Business License Application or a Rental Business License Application (all Rental properties are a Class 7 in the Resident Columns). Please use the Fee Schedule for both types of business licenses.

Licenses are issued for one year, from May 1st to April 30th.  New Businesses should also contact the SC Department of Revenue for state business requirements.

Renewal notices are mailed out in late February.  Payments are due by May 31st of each year.  Penalties are assessed at 10% per month after this date. 

Beginning for the 2022-2023 license year, payments received after April 30, 2022, will be assessed a 5% per month late fee. 

If you have any questions concerning business licensing please contact Patrick Brown

or call 843-869-2505  ext 205.


Contact Information

Patrick Brown
843-869-2505  ext 205
Building Code Administrator

Tammy Lake

843-869-2505 ext 203
Permit Tech/Business License Clerk

Morgan Viars

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Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer