Signs and Zoning


The town enforces a Zoning Ordinance Chapter 86 which regulates residential and commercial activities, including the displaying of signs (see below). Copies of both the zoning ordinance and the zoning map are available at the town hall.

Changing a building to a "higher intensity" use (such as office to retail, or retail to restaurant) may necessitate additional parking, public rest rooms, or handicapped accessibility.

The latest zoning map can be found here.


No sign may be displayed in the Town of Edisto Beach without the issuance of a sign permit. The size, height, and location of signs are regulated by the zoning ordinance, and depend on the zoning district in which the business is located.

New businesses are urged to complete a sign permit application before their signs are made, in order to avoid costly mistakes, as many types of signs such as flags, neon signs, and certain types of illuminated signs are prohibited entirely.

"A" Frame or "Sandwich Board" sign information and applications can be downloaded by clicking here.

Fees associated with the usage of signs in the town can be found in our sign ordinance.

Contact Information

Patrick Brown
843-869-2505  ext 205
Building Code Administrator

Morgan Viars

843-869-2505 ext 204
Zoning/Code Enforcement Officer

Tammy Lake

843-869-2505 ext 203
Permit Tech/Business License Clerk