Edisto Beach wants to keep our beaches clean and safe for everyone - including you and your wedding party. General rules and common sense still apply. Glass containers are never allowed on the beach, nor are fireworks, open fires or grilling.

Your wedding may be sited anywhere along the beach and no permission is required if your guest list is under 50. However, permission is needed if your guest list is over 50 or if you are renting a home for the reception and wish to have entertainment that extends beyond our normal 10 pm noise ordinance.

(If either of the above conditions applies, you must fill out a special event request form and submit it for approval at least 45 days in advance. There is a $30.00 fee for this event request.)

Tents and chairs may be set up on the beach for guests but must be removed by dusk. 

And, please leave only your footprints when you depart.