Smoke Test of Sewer System (Lift Station A and B)


Project Start
Completed: Jan 7, 2020
Dec 2 2019
Project Completed
Completed: Jan 8, 2020
Jan 8 2020

Conduct a smoke test to identify any leaks in the sewer system around Lift Station A and B.

Patrick Zemp, Project Manager

Abdella Services

Project Updates

Smoke Test
Friday, November 22, 2019

This project is scheduled to begin January 8, 2020.  This test is used to find leaks in the sewer system.  This is important since leaks in the system allow water to infiltrate the sewer system and the Town ends up treating stormwater along with sewer waste.  While testing is done, smoke may be seen coming from leaks in pipes in the ground, manholes, toilets, etc.