Public Works

Name Job Title
Leslie Varner Hurley Hospitality
Jane Darby Town Mayor
David Cannon Chair
Darrin Moore
Bob Sandifer
Bill Davies
Andrew Albenesius
Tyler Von Neida Hospitality/Lodging
Susan Hornsby Councilwoman
Patti Smyer Councilwoman
Marci Cook
Jerome Kizer Councilman
Dean Habhegger Co-Chair
Crawford Moore Mayor Pro Tem
Bob Renner
William Hackett
Van Maxwell Hospitality
Stephanie Renner
Sally Altman
Reddick A. Bowman, Jr
Peter Beck
Pat Kostell
Mickey Van Metre
Matthew Kizer
Marie Bost



The Edisto Beach Public Works Program provides a wide array of public services that are vital to the efficient daily operation of the Town, from maintaining storm drainage systems, to maintaining streets, roads and rights of way, maintaining Edisto’s beaches and accesses, installing sand fencing, maintaining town parks, properties and buildings, maintaining regulatory and non-regulatory signage, maintaining bike/walk/recreational trails, providing support to the sanitation program by delivering garbage cans and removing from street when impeding drainage, maintaining the Town’s convenience station, and assisting other Town programs and departments as needed.