Fence Installation Water Plant Fence

The Town has two sites that require fence installation. 

The new water plant located at 2502 Lee Street.  This site is not fenced.  It requires installation of approximately 281 feet of 5-foot smooth top horizontal rail black commercial grade aluminum (Floridian-type) fence...

Final Edisto Beach Recreation Master Plan 2021

Please click here to view the 2021 Final Edisto Beach Recreation Master Plan. 

Fire Department Barracks Renovation

Renovate the Fire Department to address access to and from the barracks area by firefighters.

Water System Improvement Project

The Town of Edisto Beach water supply comes from groundwater wells in the Santee Limestone aquifer.  This water supply has elevated levels of chloride, fluoride, and sodium concentrations that affect taste and may cause corrosion in the distribution system and residential plumbing and...

E-One Ladder Truck Project Newly refurbished E-ONE Ladder Truck

May 29, 2019 marks the first day of a 100-day project to refurbish and rebuild components of the Town's E-One Ladder Truck.  A 75' Quint truck has been loaned to the Town by the firm refurbishing the E-1.  Earlier this year, Town Council approved the refurbishment and rebuilding of the...

Yacht Club Road Drainage and Paving

The end of Yacht Club Road pavement and bike path are in disrepair.  There is also a drainage system that was impacted from the previous years storms.  Town staff will be working on the drainage and the pot holes on Yacht Club Road.  Bids are being acquired for repaving the end of...

Fire Hydrant Maintenance

The past years of flooding has caused many of our hydrants to show signs of rust.  The Town is in the process of having many hydrants hydroblasted and repainted.  Cool Blast Equipment Company is removing the rust by blasting it with dry ice and the Fire Department will be painting the...

Convenience Station Improvements

Over the years slight improvements have been made to implement functional components to the convenience station.  We have added concrete pads using Keep America Beautiful grants and also a second gate. 

The next phase includes modifying the layout of the containers to provide...

Town Hall Handrails

Installing new handrails at Town Hall.

Sea Turtle Protection Project

In 2018, the Town began implementing steps to protect sea turtles.  Phase I has been implemented and 6 turtle friendly lights were installed at locations that ranked highest for hatching misorientations.  Although the new street lights were changed to provide more protection to sea...