Water System Improvement Project


The Town of Edisto Beach water supply comes from groundwater wells in the Santee Limestone aquifer.  This water supply has elevated levels of chloride, fluoride, and sodium concentrations that affect taste and may cause corrosion in the distribution system and residential plumbing and appliances.  The water improvement project was implemented to reduce the mineral content in the water and provide adequate supply to meet high seasonal demands during the summer tourist season which far exceed the demands during the winter months.  The project consists of combining reverse osmosis water treatment with additional supply and storage to resolve the dual problems of water quality and water supply.  

The project site is located at 2502 Lee Street.   The project consists of installing three new 10-inch wells approximately 580 feet deep with submersible pumps and variable frequency drive motors and transmission lines connecting the three wells to the water improvement facility.  The plant will house three reverse osmosis treatment skids each with a permeate capacity of 320 gallons per minute for a combined treatment capacity of 1,200 gallons per minute, including a 20% blend with  raw well water, chemical systems, motor control center, emergency generator, high service pumps, control room including a supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) computer control system, office and restroom. The water treatment discharge line will consist of approximately 1,900 feet of line into the Atlantic Ocean.   A concrete clearwell is being constructed under the treatment plant building to provide additional storage of 290,000 gallons.  Automatic control valves will be installed on the fill line of both the existing elevated storage tank and the ground storage tank to control the filling of the tanks for water demand. 

Wharton Smith-Prime

Thomas and Hutton-Prime Engineer

Harn RO - Prime Reverse Osmosis



McCall Brothers-Well Drillers

Stono Concrete, Inc.- Concrete

Doka USA, Ltd- Formwork

Harris Rebar North Carolina, Inc. -Rebar

Halliday Products,...

Bond Attorney-Howell Linkous & Nettles

Financial Advisor-Municipal Advisors

Underwriters-Raymond James and Oppenheimer& Co.

Rating Agency-Standard and Poors

Auditor-K Eve McCoy

Rate Study-American Engineering Consultants, Inc.

Custodian-US Bank...

Project Updates: 
Erection of Pre-Engineered Metal Building
Saturday, June 22, 2019

Pre-Engineered Metal Building

Erection of Pre-Engineered Metal Building
Saturday, June 22, 2019

Pre-engineered metal building

Start Up Phase
Thursday, January 23, 2020

The RO project is now in the startup phase.  Harn RO is onsite and the membranes have been installed.  Water testing is ongoing.  We anticipate having DHEC approval to operate in February.  

Please note that when distribution of water begins, there will be some discoloration and sediment.  If you are using a Reverse Osmosis system in your home you may want to speak with your vendor to discuss how it may impact your system if it is operating when distribution begins. Once distribution begins, the Town will no longer operate or maintain the RO dispensing station at Town Hall.


Water Improvement Project January 2020