Storm Damage Reduction Project


In 2001, the Town began working with the United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) to develop the Town's Hurricane and Storm Damage and Reduction Project which received Congressional approval in 2014.  Even though the project was authorized, it did not receive obligated funds ($22.2 M) until appropriated in 2018.  This project was designed to reduced storm damages and also provide a more secure funding source.  The cost share is 65% fed/35% local on the initial construction and 50%/50% on subsequent nourishments.  The cost share for storm damage is 100% federal. 

This project consists of 16,530 feet long, 15 feet high, 15 feet wide vegetated dune along Atlantic Reaches. It also includes 16,530 feet berm built at the existing berm height (7ft). The berm would start at the Atlantic Reach South (15 ft high dune), and would gradually taper over 1,900 feet into a 50 feet wide berm that would extend 6,330 feet along the Atlantic Reaches. The berm would widen over another 560 feet into a 75 ft wide berm that would extend 7,740 feet to Groin 1.

The initial project included the inlet reach and the Town has asked this be removed.  The groin portion of the project as initially proposed was completed by the Town in 2017. 


United States Army Corps of Engineers

Iris Hill, Project Manager