The Town can confirm the sewer system remained operational and there was no leakage as a result of the storm this past Sunday (12/17/23).Read more


Please be aware of the following:

- due to water being pumped at Ocean Ridge, Docksite Road is closed from the Scott Creek Drive entrance to the Wyndham front entrance

- Palmetto Blvd. is closed from the EnMarket to the 800 block as DOT is working to remove sand and debris....Read more


The north end of Palmetto Boulevard remains closed while SCDOT continues to remove sand and debris. Portions of Docksite Road, Yacht Club Road, and several other side streets remain covered with water and are impassible. Ocean Ridge has several areas that remain underwater and the property owner...Read more


Please be aware of the following due to storm conditions:

- the causeway leading to the beach is temporarily closed until further notice due to flooding

- flooding and debris at the northern end of Palmetto Blvd

- Yacht Club Road is temporarily closed

- Docksite...Read more


Given the coastal storm predicted for this weekend, schedule modifications for the roll-out/roll-in trash can service for Sunday, December 17, may be necessary. If this work cannot be completed on Sunday due to weather conditions, the work will be completed early Monday morning. If residents...Read more