Upgrades to Lift Station Pumps A and B


Evaluate System
Completed: Oct 15, 2020
Oct 10 2019
Completed: Apr 8, 2021
Apr 8 2021
Present Solution
Completed: Apr 8, 2021
Apr 8 2021
Colleton County Funding
Completed: May 4, 2021
May 4 2021
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May 11 2021
RIA Grant Application Submission
Completed: Sep 13, 2021
Sep 13 2021
RIA Grant Award
Completed: Nov 4, 2021
Nov 7 2021
Kick off Meeting with RIA
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Nov 23 2021
Notice to Proceed RIA
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Nov 23 2021
Permit Issued
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Nov 30 2021
Project Bid
Completed: Jan 27, 2022
Dec 15 2021
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Mar 02 2022
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Completed: Jun 6, 2022
Jun 06 2022
Begin Construction Pump B
Dec 11 2022
Substantial Completion Pump B
Apr 13 2023
Notice to Proceed Pump A
Jan 22 2024

Last year the Town contracted with American Engineering Consultants to perform  the sewer system modeling and capital improvements program.  This involved field investigations and condition assessment of the system.  American Engineering conducted monitoring to establish wet weather and summer peaking factors to be used in the hydraulic model calculation.  This involved installing data loggers in all 13 lift stations.  Monitoring took place over 6 months.  A hydraulic model of the system was created using GIS data obtained from the Town.    Using field evaluations and the hydraulic model, American Engineering created a list of critical sewer system areas and improvement recommendations.

After consulting with the engineers about the collection system and issues identified, a sewer tap moratorium was issued in March 2021.  In April 2021, American Engineering presented their findings and recommended solutions for the sewer system. 

Phase I of the proposed recommendations include:

  • Upgrade Pump Stations A and B with larger pumps (keep centrifugal type pumps)
  • New Variable Frequency Drives and Controls at both pump stations
  • No new forcemain to be installed – no easements or construction outside of pump station required – Short Construction Duration

This recommendation provides approximately 70 Residential Equivalent Units (taps) each added to Pump Station A and  Pump Station B and approximately 80 Residential Equivalent Units added to Pump Station C over the number of current connections.

The project cost $860,000. 

$112,000 Engineering (Funded)

$748,000 Construction (Seek $500,000 grant from SC Rural Infrastructure)



Project Manager-Iris Hill

American Engineering Consultants

$61,452.00-Sewer System Modeling and Capital Improvements Program- Work Authorization 14 Council approved October 10, 2019

$112,000-Upgrades to Pump Stations A and B-Work Authorization 15  approved by Council  May 13, 2021. 

Colleton County Capital Project Sales Tax provided the $112,000 in funding for the engineering phase. 

SC Rural Infrastructure Authority - Jackie Mack Senior Program Mgr

The SCRIA notified the Town on November 1, 2021 that the $500,000 grant was approved. Grant #R-22-1305


Work Authorization 14
Work Authorization No. 14
2021 Edisto Beach Sewer System
2021 Town of Edisto Beach Sewer System
RIA Grant Application
RIA Grant Application for Lift Stations A & B
RIA Grant Application
South Carolina RIA Grant Award
RIA Grant Application
RIA Kickoff Meeting Notes November 23, 2021
RIA Grant Application
SCRIA Notice to Proceed Grant #R-22-1305

Project Updates

Project Update December 2022
Thursday, December 22, 2022

The upgrades to Lift Station B have begun.  The contractor has been doing site prep and permitting. 

Project Update Lift Station A and B Upgrades
Wednesday, July 13, 2022

On July 13, 2022, Council awarded Bid 21-028 for Upgrades to Pump Station B to AAA Utility and Construction in the amount of $747,500.  Five hundred thousand will be funded by a Rural Infrastructure Authority grant and the remainder will be funded through renewal and replacement. The project is scheduled to begin December 2022.

Project Update June 2, 2022
Thursday, June 2, 2022

Due to the unexpected escalation in the cost of construction, the Town in coordination with the consultant requested revision of the South Carolina Rural Infrastructure Authority (RIA) grant application from Upgrades to Lift Stations A and B to Upgrade to Pump Station B only. This was approved and the project is out for bid. The bids are due June 22, 2022. This allows the Town to use the $500,000 grant rather than relinquishing it because of funding.

The RIA was issued one-time time funding of $900M which the Town plans to apply for the Upgrade of Lift Station A, the force main upgrades/Phase II and automatic reading meters. The maximum grant amount under this issuance is $10,000,000.

Project Bid
Thursday, February 24, 2022

The project has been bid and bids are due March 2.  The award is scheduled for Town Council approval March 10.

Grant Awarded
Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Town was notified on November 4, 2021 they were successful in obtaining the $500,000 grant.  

Project Update
Tuesday, October 19, 2021

According to the RIA, grant applications will be reviewed the first week on November with award results the following week.