The Town's Emergency Access Decal for homeowners will be ready for issuance in a few weeks. The Town will issue the new decals for a three-year period, ending on December 30, 2026. For new homeowners during this period, we will issue decals as we receive applications. For residents who move away...Read more


The weather is expected to dip below freezing over the weekend, January 19-21 (see attached link to National Weather Service statement). NWS Statement 1-18...Read more


Town Council has approved the advertisement of one vacancy on the following Town committee: TIDE Committee. If you are interested in serving on this committee, please complete this application form....Read more


PowerPoint presentation can be viewed HERE . Presentation slides with notes can be viewed HERE. ...Read more


Dominion Energy is currently working on powerlines on Palmetto Boulevard to restore power to the portions of the beach who do not have power. Please avoid travel this evening if possible as standing water and debris are present on roadways.Read more