Verizon Service Update

Last year, Verizon began a process to upgrade their antennas on the Town’s water tower, which required the removal of old equipment and installation of improved equipment. Verizon installed a temporary tower while the old equipment was being removed and at this point, an Osprey nest was located on top of the temporary tower. Verizon’s stance is they would disturb the nest and violate the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and South Carolina state law by reinstalling the new antennas on the water tower given its proximity to the temporary tower. Verizon’s environmental team estimates any juvenile Osprey will have fledged by August 5, 2024. In the meantime, the Town has expressed our concerns over the current state of their service. Verizon has indicated they are working with their engineers to try and improve service in particularly poor service areas around the Town. Verizon has stated that once they are legally able to reinstall the improved antennas, the Town should experience benefits from enhanced wireless communications.