Tropical Storm Idalia

As of the update we received earlier this afternoon, Tropical Storm Idalia is located approximately 900 miles south-southwest of coastal South Carolina, and predictions are we will be impacted by heavy rain, tropical storm force winds, and the possibility of tornados. 

The rainfall expected is 4-8 inches in our area, with the highest risk for flash flooding occurring from Wednesday afternoon through early Thursday. Very high tides and storm surge will increase the flood risk. Major coastal inundation with significant impacts is possible, and the timing of heavy rain and wind will be key. Isolated tornadoes are possible Wednesday through early Thursday morning, and the greatest risk is at the coast. Specific wind ranges are not yet available, but the risk for tropical storm conditions continues to steadily increase. We will continue to monitor this situation and will keep you updated. 

Now is the time for all homeowners to take the usual precautions: review your insurance policy to ensure you have proper coverage; remove outdoor objects; secure trash cans; protect window openings; and ensure all appliances and other electronics underneath your house are unplugged and elevated. Also, sandbags are available at the Fire Department, and the sand is located at the Town parking lot on Jungle Road (near McConkey’s). This self-service is available at all times. 

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