Real Estate Fraud

Recently, the Edisto Beach Police Department has been made aware of several pieces of property that have been fraudulently put up for sale. One piece of property went to closing before we were made aware of it. Thanks to the hard work of our officers and citizens working together we have been able to stop all transactions from processing. We are currently working with SLED and the US Secret Service in this investigation. This is part of a national investigation as other parts of the country are experiencing this fraudulent activity as well. As of this date, it appears the suspects are concentrating their efforts on properties that do not have mortgages.

This notice is to make the public aware of the situation and to encourage you to inform the Edisto Beach Police Department if you see anything suspicious. Please take steps to protect yourself and your property from identity theft. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. The number to our dispatch is 843-549-2211.