Governor McMaster Declares State of Emergency to Prepare for Potential Impacts from Hurricane Ian

Colleton County has released the following statement:

Governor Henry McMaster today issued an executive order declaring a state of emergency and he urges
South Carolinians to prepare for the possibility of Hurricane Ian impacting the state.

Colleton County is now at Operational Condition Level Two. OPCON 2 means a disaster or emergency is
likely to affect the County. The County Emergency Operations Center is partially activated in preparation
for a full-scale activation, if necessary.

Colleton County officials continue to monitor Hurricane Ian. It is becoming more likely that Colleton
County will experience some sort of impacts from Hurricane Ian, although it is too early to determine what
those impacts may be. While the impacts may be limited, there is still a potential for significant impacts
on South Carolina between Thursday and Saturday this week.

Should you have any questions, please visit Colleton County Fire-Rescue’s Emergency Management
Division webpage at or call the Emergency Operations Center at 843-549-5632.
Colleton County Fire-Rescue’s Emergency Management Division and all of our Emergency Support
Function partners have been collaborating for several days now, will continue to monitor the track and
intensity of Hurricane Ian and are making the necessary preparations to respond in the event Hurricane
Ian becomes a threat to Colleton County.