Beach access 35 is closed for maintenance.Read more


To ensure yard waste is picked up it needs to be bundled and tied. Unbundled and untied yard waste will be picked up as time allows.

Unbundled Yard Waste (Incorrect) Bundled and Tied Yard Waste (Correct)

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The Town has completed its safety assessment and issued an all clear. Have a great weekend.Read more


Northerly winds have diminished the expected impacts of the storm surge. The NWS states that landfall should be around the Santee River (Georgetown County). We can expect bands of rain and tropical storm winds until this afternoon which could result in power outages and downed limbs and trees....Read more


As the storm moves further up the coast before landfall, this is better for Edisto Beach, but with any storm event, no one is certain where landfall will occur. We are experiencing gusty winds, rain bands and as we near high tide, the storm surge may flood Palmetto and deposit sand on the road...Read more