Dominion Energy Palmetto Tree Removal

Dominion Energy is scheduled to begin removing palmetto trees located within the “Mandatory Safety Zone” on April 10th (see diagram below). This area is located within the Dominion Energy right-of-way (ROW). A palmetto tree trunk located on property which has a canopy extending into the ROW is also subject to removal by Dominion Energy. The palmetto trees intended for removal have been marked with a white dot at the base of the tree. As a company-wide policy, Dominion Energy has informed the Town they will no longer trim palmetto trees. Dominion will only remove palmetto trees that would otherwise be subject to trimming. According to Dominion, "Palmetto trees pose unique challenges because of their growth habit and cannot be directionally pruned or reduced in height like other trees. Side pruning is not recommended because palmettos will quickly replace the pruned fronds. The best solution for palmetto trees interfering with utility facilities is removal to safeguard both our employees and the public." Per OSHA standards, private contractors, landscapers, tree trimming crews, etc., are not permitted to work on or trim trees within 10 feet of energized electrical wires and equipment, unless they are specifically trained to do so and are considered "qualified." Please see below links to FAQs, Considerations for replanting within Dominion ROW, a Safety Brochure, a Map of Powerlines within the Town, and the Dominion Energy Customer Agreement.