Volunteer Fire Department

Name Job Titlesort ascending Email Department
Rich Barreto Volunteer Fire Department President Fire Department
Denney Conley Fire Chief dconley@townofedistobeach.com Fire Department

Be a Volunteer Firefighter!

Come join us!  You can volunteer to be a firefighter!  Restrictions and qualifications for volunteer positions apply. 

If time will not allow for you to be a volunteer firefighter, please help us support the Burn Center by depositing your aluminum cans in the bin outside the town's convenience center

The Edisto Beach Fire Department is supported by career (paid) and volunteer firefighters.  Your help is encouraged and welcome.  There are many levels of volunteer firefighters from support to actual firefighter. If you would like to become a volunteer firefighter, please contact the Fire Chief at (843) 869-2505 x 216.

Fire Committee:

Fire Chief Denney Conley, VFD President Rich Barreto, Appointee Bess Kellett and Town Administrator Mark Aakhus

Fire Board of Trustees:

Fire Chief Denney Conley, Mayor Crawford Moore, VFD President Rich Barreto, Vol Vice President Scott Epps, Treasurer Thaddeus Daise

Event Coordinator: 

  • Wendy Griffin

Training Committee:

  • Scott Epps
  • June Alberti
  • Mike Casey

Fundraising Committee:

  • Scott Epps
  • Ken Dasen
  • Mike Casey
  • Tommy Sandel

Budget Committee:

  • Chief Conley
  • Scott Epps
  • Tommy Sandel
  • Thaddeus Daise

Flower Committee:

  • Kate Hall

Social Committee:

  • Amy Johnson
  • Kate Hall
  • Wendy Griffin








Emergency Telephone:  911
Non-emergency Telephone: (843) 869-2505 x 217

Denney Conley
(843) 869-2505 x 207
Fire Chief