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Iris Hill, CPM, MPA

Town Administrator


The Administration Department is charged with the leadership of town operations and executes policies set by the Council.

The Administration Department handles official town communications, assists with the procurement of goods and services for all departments, writes and administers grants, handles risk management of town assets, develops and implements the town’s budget, collects revenues, serves as accounts payable for all town departments, handles the record keeping and preservation of all town ordinances, official records and historic documents, handles payroll, personnel benefits and human resource matters, performs the legal and judicial functions for the town and handles all matters related to municipal court.  This department is charged with the management of town investments (Special Revenue Funds), as well as the General Fund, Water Fund and Sewer Fund.  The Administration Department serves as the primary point of contact for residents and visitors. 

The Administration Department is comprised of three (3) full-time and one (1) part time employees.  Staff includes the Town Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Municipal Clerk, and Finance/Budget Analyst. 


Our mission is to maintain a safe, family-oriented, environmentally friendly atmosphere by providing an open government and effective, efficient and accountable delivery of public services.  We value our community’s input regarding services and will work toward providing services the community wants.  

Accomplishments FY 2012-13

  1. Developed new design for Channel 2
  2. Purchased updated software for Police Department records management
  3. Council met with School District Superintendents in support of beach and island schools
  4. Applied for and received grant funding to upgrade radios and purchase cameras for Police Department
  5. Applied for funding through several funding sources to pave Myrtle Street extension
  6. Installed water lines at Point Street to provide better water service and fire protection
  7. Replaced Lion's Club well pump
  8. Replaced baffle curtain and aerators in wastewater lagoon
  9. Dredged 1,000 tons of sludge from wastewater lagoon
  10. Painted Council chambers, hallway and railings at Town Hall
  11. Maintained landscaped areas at Town Hall and planted annuals
  12. Performed GIS survey and mapping of water and sewer assets
  13. Replaced control panel at Summerwinds
  14. Replaced Well 5 at State Park
  15. Issued referendum for Reverse Osmosis
  16. Obtained easements for Yacht Club Road drainage project
  17. Notified owners in Block HH about covenant agreement with Wyndham
  18. Conducted contractor training class on new codes
  19. Reviewed erosion on Edisto Beach and potential solutions for homeowners
  20. Developed newly elected official orientation manual
  21. Received achievement award for Beach Access improvements from the Municipal Association of SC
  22. Developed distracted driver policy
  23. Developed fund balance policy
  24. Developed Capital Improvement Plan for Construction Fund
  25. Developed a credit card policy
  26. Revised lease with Alltel
  27. Renewed CODERED and weather alert response
  28. Updated hurricane plan and notification list
  29. Entered into agreement with the Presbyterian Church for an offsite emergency operations center and performed electrical work for emergency generator hookup
  30. Renewed intergovenmental agreements for fire and police
  31. Implemented risk institute training that provides all employees ability to take online training
  32. Sent two firefighters to school for Fire Marshall Training
  33. Sent two employees to OSHA Training
  34. Provided CPR and AED training to staff and community and began comprehensive training of volunteer firefighters
  35. Participated in agility recovery, a web based system that enables Town to obtain needed equipment and maintain data during an emergency
  36. Upgraded all regulatory signs to meet federal requirements for reflectivity
  37. Audited Firefighter deduction submittal to Department of Revenue
  38. Department Heads represented the Town by participating on numerous Boards and Committes of professional associations
  39. Installed regulations sign at Burley L. Lyons Park on Portia Street and limited boat access in lagoon
  40. Updated rules at Bay Creek Park to address overwhelming response by vendors for Market use
  41. Organized 3rd Annual Trick or Treat at the Creek
  42. Installed sewer line for restrooms at Bay Creek Park
  43. Issued RFP and RFQ for bathrooms at Bay Creek Park
  44. Installed sandfencing and planted bitter panicum and sea oats for beach stabilization and dune protection
  45. Received achievement award for beach accesses from Municipal Association of South Carolina
  46. Edged bike paths in preparation for 2nd annual 5K run
  47. Repaired bridge on bike path and requested Wyndham limit golf cart use by housekeeping staff
  48. Repaired garbage enclosures at beach accesses
  49. Edged and herbicided all sidewalks 
  50. Participated in Beach/River Sweep

Monthly Report FY 12-13

Monthly Report FY 13-14

Administrative Department Strategic Plan FY 12-13

Administrative Department Strategic Plan FY 13-14

Beachfront Management Plan