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Iris Hill, CPM, MPA

Town Administrator


The Administration Department is charged with the leadership of town operations and executes policies set by the Council.

The Administration Department handles official town communications, assists with the procurement of goods and services for all departments, writes and administers grants, handles risk management of town assets, develops and implements the town’s budget, collects revenues, serves as accounts payable for all town departments, handles the record keeping and preservation of all town ordinances, official records and historic documents, handles payroll, personnel benefits and human resource matters, performs the legal and judicial functions for the town and handles all matters related to municipal court.  This department is charged with the management of town investments (Special Revenue Funds), as well as the General Fund, Water Fund and Sewer Fund.  The Administration Department serves as the primary point of contact for residents and visitors. 

The Administration Department is comprised of three (3) full-time and one (1) part time employees.  Staff includes the Town Administrator, Administrative Assistant, Municipal Clerk, and Finance/Budget Analyst. 


Our mission is to maintain a safe, family-oriented, environmentally friendly atmosphere by providing an open government and effective, efficient and accountable delivery of public services.  We value our community’s input regarding services and will work toward providing services the community wants.  

Accomplishments FY 2013-14 

Town Services Focus

  1. Moved community channel to Channel 195
  2. Purchased insurance to cover lost revenues due to disastrous events or loss of services
  3. Placed rock in low spots at convenience station
  4. Worked with Republic to have new signage placed at convenience station and have containers painted
  5. Municipal Complex beautification
  6. Vinyl sided the Town’s apartment
  7. Worked with DOT on the resurfacing of Palmetto Boulevard
  8. Worked with DOT on the replacement of sidewalks
  9. Worked with DOT to include resurfacing of additional state roads on Edisto Beach
  10. Applied for funding the Colleton Transportation Commission to pave Myrtle Street extension and funds were transferred to DOT
  11. Worked with DOT on drainage project on Myrtle Street
  12. Verizon installed 4G antennae on water tower
  13. Revised how we issue utility bills to save money
  14. Revised Audit Management Discussion and Analysis to meet GASB compliance
  15. Revised and updated Beachfront Management Plan to mirror Army Corps of Engineers on Feasibility Study 
  16. Building department certification
  17. Worked with Colleton County to provide additional medical ambulance on Edisto Beach during tourist season
  18. Updated Hurricane plan and notification list
  19. Updated the emergency operations plan
  20. Received the South Carolina Municipal Insurance and Risk Financing Fund’s Division I (1 to 50 employees) Risk Management Award winner for 2014
  21. Reviewed the State Hurricane, Emergency Ops Plan and other emergency related plans to ensure compatibility with Town’s plan
  22. Renewed Intergovernmental agreements for fire and police
  23. Participated in Risk Management Institute
  24. Completed the Town’s fitness facility and are reviewing incentives to promote staff fitness
  25. Participated in agility recovery, a web based system that enables Town to obtain needed equipment and maintain data during an emergency
  26. Department Heads represented the Town by participating on numerous Boards and committees of professional associations
  27. Participated in lobbying efforts regarding Biggert Waters Legislation
  28. Implemented cross-training of staff to improve ISO rating
  29. Produced employee benefits brochures
  30. Budgeted to promote the Market
  31. Participated in Beach Sweep


Monthly Report FY 12-13

Monthly Report FY 13-14

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Administrative Department Strategic Plan FY 12-13

Administrative Department Strategic Plan FY 13-14

Administrative Department Strategic Plan FY 14-15

Beachfront Management Plan